Ancient DNA Origins Swabbing Kit

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Order the only ancient DNA kit tailor-made to find your ancient ancestors!
The kit allows the most comprehensive and detailed ancient ancestry breakdown,
down to the level of the shaman and warrior.

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Ancient DNA Origins Swabbing Kit

Standard kit:
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Discover your worldwide ancient ancestors from 40,000 years ago to the 19th century with the Ancient DNA Origins DNA kit.

The kit provides the most comprehensive and detailed ancient ancestry breakdown (to the 0.1%), down to the level of your shaman, priests, and warrior ancestors.

Every kit comes with a real arrowhead.

Get a FREE Basic Ancient DNA Origins test with every order!

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What's included in the Ancient DNA Origins Swabbing Kit?

  • With our Ancient DNA Origins kit, you will be able to order the many ancient DNA tests available on our website, which include powerful, innovative, and interactive DNA-based tools to help you find your ancient ancestors, trace your prehistorical lineages, and determine your ancient tribal origins.
  • Each test provides a detailed percentage breakdown of your ancient geographical origins, your ancient ancestry maps, and your genetic similarity to each ancient tribe member. You can compare your results with ancient populations.
  • The Ancient DNA Origins Swabbing Kit includes: an arrowhead, a booklet, a swab and collection vial, a biohazard bag, and a return envelope.
  • Your DNA will be sequenced over 650,000 autosomal, Y chromosomal, and mitochondrial markers.
  • You will receive a FREE Basic Test of a culture of your choice.
  • For your convenience, we offer family kits with multiple swabs, for different family members.

About the test

The Ancient DNA Origins DNA test is the first next-generation DNA test. It is designed solely using the DNA of ancient people throughout history using our novel technologies.

The kits include over 600,000 autosomal, Y chromosomal, and mitochondrial mutations and analyze them with respect to the ancient DNA of long-lived cultures. Therefore, our tests are extremely targeted and may indicate the town or village where your ancestors from different cultures met. You can use the test results to reconstruct the migration journeys of your ancestors that formed your deep genealogical heritage.

This can help you answer questions about your family's history, shed light on the origins of certain family traits, and help you better understand who you are.

Why take this test

Up until 2010, reading the DNA of ancient people was a dream. Since then, the DNA of the Neanderthal who lived over 30,000 years ago has been sequenced. After that reading, the DNA of ancient people who lived from 15,000 BC to 1,800 AD all over the world became the main object of paleogenomic research. This forward leap in technology allowed the creation of the next-generation of DNA tests — tests that do not use modern-day populations as representatives of the ancient past but ancient people.

Therefore, unlike contemporary DNA tests that report ancestry in relation to modern populations, next-generation DNA tests employ ancient DNA to identify ancient people.

With this test, you will receive a precise ancient ethnicity estimate with far greater geographical details than you could imagine. You will make new connections with historical people and places where your ancestors lived, walked, battled, created, and dreamed thousands of years ago. Using the genetic data and evidence from history and archeology, we can revive the past and allow you to find your place in history.