HomeDNA™ Advanced Swabbing kit and GPS Origins - Winter Sale!!!

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HomeDNA™ Advanced Swabbing kit and GPS Origins - Winter Sale!!!


Discover your worldwide ancient ancestors from 40,000 years ago to the 19th century with the HomeDNATM Advanced Swabbing kit.

This is the only DNA kit tailor-made to find the most comprehensive and detailed ancient ancestry breakdown (to the 0.1%), down to the level of village of your shaman and warrior ancestors!

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What's included in HomeDNA™ Swabbing kit ?

What is in the DNA testing kit?
  • Easy-to-follow instructions
  • Cheek swabs for collecting your DNA samples
  • A postage-paid envelope for returning your samples to HomeDNA's lab
  • What do we test?

  • >80,000+ unique ancestry-informative genetic markers
  • 10,067 ancient people
  • 3,149 ancient populations
  • 2,601 locations
  • Time frame: 47,371 BC till the 19th century
  • What will you receive?

  • Your ancient gene pools
  • A full GPS Origins report
  • What is included in your GPS Origin report? This advanced autosomal test is so targeted it may even indicate the town or village where groups of your ancestors from different cultures met—building a vibrant picture of the migration journeys that formed your deep genealogical heritage.

    • New ancestral tracking technique pinpoints your genetic genealogy
    • 1,000+ modern reference populations
    • 2,512+ locations
    • 41 gene pools analyzed
    • Simple and painless cheek swab to collect your DNA sample.
    • HomeDNA's lab is highly-accredited with privacy-protected service and expert staff; your DNA is not sent to a third-party lab.
    • Download your DNA file and upload it to Ancient DNA Origins to get a FREE Basic Test of a culture of your choice.

    About the test

    Learning about your origins through DNA testing can reveal a lot you may not have known about your deepest roots. The story of your family is contained in your unique genetic code, just waiting for you to discover it. Although your family history may already contain much information about your origins, some information can become lost over generations. With ancestry testing, you bridge the gaps between your family’s records and your ancient ancestors and make connections you never knew were possible. GPS Origins is so specific it may even indicate the town or village where groups of your ancestors from different cultures met, building a vibrant picture of the migration journeys that formed your deep genealogical heritage.

    Benefits of GPS Origins®:
    • The first and best DNA test with bio-geographical targeting capability to the town or village level
    • Identifies when and where your DNA formed by matching the populations that came together to create your genetic line
    • Traces the migration route of both your maternal and paternal lineages, showing the last three (3) locations where your DNA signature underwent significant changes
    • Provides detailed stories helping to explain DNA mixture events such as wars, famines, and migrations
    • Developed by Dr. Eran Elhaik, a leading population geneticist from Lund University in Sweden

    How does it work?
      After you order HomeDNA™ Advanced Swabbing kit and GPS Origins, you will receive a coupon code to HomeDNA's website. Order the kit from their website by providing your shipping address. The coupon code will zero your balance. This will also register your account to receive your GPS Origin results. You will receive the mail kit with instructions on providing your DNA cells. The test uses a swab (not saliva). Send the kit for FREE using the return envelope and wait for the results. You will be notified by HomeDNA when your results are ready. You can access GPS Origins results on the website. You can then download your DNA file from HomeDNA and upload it to Ancient DNA Origins for FREE. Email us when you are ready, and you will receive one FREE Basic DNA test of your choosing.

      Has this test been independently reviewed?

    Why take this test

    What is ancient DNA?
      Up until 2010, reading the DNA of ancient people was a dream. Since then, the DNA of the Neanderthal, who lived over 30,000 years ago, has been sequenced. After that reading, the DNA of ancient people who lived from 15,000 BC to 1,800 AD worldwide became the main object of paleogenomic research. This forward leap in technology allowed the creation of the next generation of DNA tests — tests that do not use modern-day populations as representatives of the ancient past but ancient people.

      What makes Ancient DNA Origins unique?
        Unlike contemporary DNA tests that report ancestry in relation to modern populations, Ancient DNA Tests, like ours, employ ancient DNA to identify ancient people precisely.

        Ancient DNA allows you to discover more about your ancestors
          By analyzing your DNA, you can expand your family tree beyond imaginable, reveal where in the world your ancient ancestors come from and find matches with your ancient cousins in prehistoric tribes. Ancient DNA can take you to new places and to find matches beyond imaginable. Try Ancient DNA Origins today and discover more about what makes you unique.

          What makes HomeDNA's kit suitable for Ancient DNA?
            With this DNA test kit, you can get your DNA genotyped accurately. You will receive a free GPS Origins test. You can upload your DNA file to Ancient DNA Origins to receive a precise ancient ethnicity estimate with far greater geographical details than you could imagine. You will make new connections with historical people and places where your ancestors lived, walked, battled, created, and dreamed thousands of years ago. Using genetic data and evidence from history and archeology, we can revive the past and allow you to find your place in history.