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The test was right on point
- Tsephanyahu Ben Ysrael
June 19th 2024
I don't know of any other company that literally compares your DNA to Ancient DNA like Ancient Origins! I took the Advanced test and I found solid answers concerning my African ancestry that were not as clear in modern tests. I found that I am more East African than West, South, Central or North African which I suspected but couldn't get solid answers from other companies.I also learned a lot about my Asian ancestry too including ancestries I didn't know I had! I Highly recommend the Advanced test because it is empirical in its methodology to connect you literally with Gene pools extracted from Archeological sites all over the world instead of comparing you to modern populations who may not be indigenous to the lands they now live. This is as close as you will get to knowing the truth of your ancestry. No other company goes this deep. I can't wait to see more and do more!
- Jacob Barnes
June 18th 2024
I didn’t expect such a high amount of Ethiopic DNA but it is very interesting to see. Small amounts of Ammonite and Moabite were also unexpected. I do know I have some relatively recent Jewish ancestors however so the 5% of Hebrew DNA was a welcome addition.

I highly recommend this test to anyone interested in ancient Semitic genealogy or ancestry.
- Richard Caudill
June 17th 2024
Thank you for thsee test. It has opened my eyes and questions everything that we have been taught in school and religion.
I have a 28% genetic match to Judah and I also have a 53% Semetic DNA.
- Charles Cooper
June 15th 2024
Very helpful and informative I have relations to 6 ancient ones of the Tribe of Yahawadah/Yahudah/Judah continuing to do more test with the other tribes to discover if I have more Israelite dna
- Nicholas Harmon
June 14th 2024
I love this test, found out I have Israelite dna, have no idea how, I’m Welsh.
- Tamasene bray
June 9th 2024
I have Sephardi Jewish roots nice to see some ancient Israelite still exists in my dna.
- Phillipe Collier
June 7th 2024
My real results showed
- Tsephanyahu Ben Ysrael
June 7th 2024
I was excited to explore the results of my DNA tests on Ancient Origins, but I did find myself wishing for a more streamlined approach. While the site's design is visually appealing, I was eager to get to the heart of the matter: whether I have a connection to a particular group or not. I'd love to see more detail (REAL FACTS) on who the DNA samples were based on and what kind of historical context they provide. Specifically, I'm interested in exploring my potential connection to the Lost Tribes of Israel, and I'd appreciate more clarity on what percentage matches mean in terms of ancestral origins. A timeline of the major groups would also be incredibly helpful in showing how the results fit together. Two line Horizontal Graph: Group and my %. Overall, I'm excited about the potential of Ancient Origins' DNA tests, and I hope that future updates will address some of these issues. Will those of us who have supported the early development have the opportunity of updating our results?
- Meredith Murray
June 6th 2024
I have archaic DNA matches in DNA Genics for Sudan. In My True Ancestry, I have archaic DNA matches for Makuria.

Ancient Origins has four DNA tests for Christian kingdoms of Sudan. I decided to try this one first. My results were consistent with DNA Genics and My True Ancestry: there were DNA matches.

Thank you for this test. One down and three to go!
- Miranda Walker
June 5th 2024

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  • Q: What do Ancient DNA Origins offer?

    A: Ancient DNA Origins offers the first and only genetic tests that employ ancient DNA from real ancient people, ranging from the Paleolithic to the mid-19th century. Our tests report your genetic relationships with ancient individuals and cultures from all over the world, like Paleolithic Americans, Icelandic Vikings, or the legendary Tribes of the Biblical Israelites (before their exile).

  • Q: How is Ancient DNA Origins different from other DNA testing providers?

    A: Providers will typically compare your DNA to the DNA of modern people, such as yourself. They cannot teach you about the ancient past. We provide a comprehensive collection of cultures and report your genetic identity at the level of ancient individuals. We also provide genetic, historical, and archeological information about ancient people and cultures at low-cost prices.

  • Q: I am a genealogist. How can I use Ancient DNA Origins for genetic genealogy?

    A: With our tests, you will go far beyond the inventions of photography and paper and discover new connections with ancient people that, thus far, existed only in stories and legends.

  • Q: How accurate are your tests?

    A: Our tests are developed in collaboration with top geneticists like Dr. Eran Elhaik, who has been developing genetic tests for two decades during his tenure at Johns Hopkins University. Dr. Elhaik designed the GenoChip 2.0 kit and test for National Geographic, the GPS Origins kit and test for HomeDNA, and a plethora of tests for Gene Plaza. His Ancient DNA Origins test series is the first to combine paleogenetics and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to achieve an accuracy of 95%.