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Why compare DNA to modern people as other tests do when it is the deep past that fascinates you? With Ancient DNA Origins you can discover your ancient ancestors by comparing your DNA to the ancient DNA of people who lived between 15,000 BC and 1,800 AD. Ancient DNA Origins reports employ genetics, history, and archeology to uncover your primeval origins. Reconnect with your ancestors now. Check out our FREE tests.

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  • 15-30 Ancient individuals per test
  • 12 Geographic regions
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  • 50+ Modern Populations
  • In-depth ancestry analyses
  • Latest scientific knowledge
  • Interactive interface to discover your roots
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Ancient DNA Origins tests provide powerful, innovative, and interactive means to help you identify your ancestors, trace your prehistorical lineages, and determine your ancient tribal origins as early as 15,000 years ago


Find out the amount of ancient DNA left inherited from historical cultures


Receive a detailed percentage break down of your ancient geographical origins


Receive a detailed historical, archeological, and paleogenetic background on the lives of your ancestors - their cultic practices and mysticism, treatment of others, and deeds


Reconnect with your ancient ancestors and become a part of their story


Compare your results with other ancient people

Reconnect with your ancestors from
hundreds and thousands of years ago!