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So mytrueancestry was correct they also say I have a connecrion to ancient Egypt giveing me a 0 distance to ramses III 89 AND 90 % ARE very high percentages I must admit
- this bullshit
This test was on my brother’s DNA and the result showed a percentage of DNA from an area of the world that doesn’t show on my results. I wasn’t expecting it and must now look into our family origins further.
I’m thanking Ancient DNA Origins for providing their tests to add to our knowledge of where we come from.
- Ruth Anderson
Y dna haplogroup T-L208 is full blooded ancient Israelite origin in Mesopotamia (Iraqi)

Also, ancientdnaorigins.com helped me find my ancient Isreal tribes which are Naphtali, Dan, and Levi.

I am from East Africa my late father is from Somaliland in Northern Somalia his tribe Issqi and Dir.

And my mother she is from Southern Somalia in the city of Kismayo before the Civil War in the early 1990s and her tribe is Darood.

But, my mother family they come from Northern Somalia region called Putland in the early and mid the 1930s at the time when Somalia was under the Italian and British colonizers.

Thank you for the work you do.
- Issa Mohamud
Got answers to a very long search.
- David Sawyer
I never knew that bodies found in Viking mass Graves in Dorset and Oxford, UK where family.
- David Sawyer
This test is very legit and accurate. It helps further explains not only my past but also why I kept seeing Egyptian in my other DNA tests. While Egyptian showed up in other tests, Ancient Origins gives far more insight on exactly what this means, the time frame and even a cool backstory on each of people that I share DNA with from ancient times.
- Barry Stewart
I have independent DNA reports which show that I have a small percentage for Viking. All of them list Vikings of Scandinavia (Sweden and Denmark). However, one Viking report lists Vikings of England as third. I wanted to try to see whether I have any ties to the Vikings of Ireland and Isle of Man. The report in Ancient Origins shows no match.
- Miranda Walker
Test gave me the clarity I was seeking. However, I’d like to buy more test, tribes of Israel preferably, but I’d need to know in advance if I have potential matches (other sites do this with a hidden/possible match feature). I’m not one to make investments blindly.
- Barry Stewart
I've done a few reports for the Lost Tribes of Israel but not the Northern Kingdom. Because one of my modern-populations DNA reports has Mizrahi Jewish-Iranian/Iraqi, I wanted to try to find a tribe of this Northern Kingdom which I matched.

I took the test. I wasn't a match for this tribe. It's stil a process of elimination. Thanks for the test.
- Miranda Walker

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  • Q: What do Ancient DNA Origins offer?

    A: Ancient DNA Origins offers the first and only genetic tests that employ ancient DNA from real ancient people, ranging from the Paleolithic to the mid-19th century. Our tests report your genetic relationships with ancient individuals and cultures from all over the world, like Paleolithic Americans, Icelandic Vikings, or the legendary Tribes of the Biblical Israelites (before their exile).

  • Q: How is Ancient DNA Origins different from other DNA testing providers?

    A: Providers will typically compare your DNA to the DNA of modern people, such as yourself. They cannot teach you about the ancient past. We provide a comprehensive collection of cultures and report your genetic identity at the level of ancient individuals. We also provide genetic, historical, and archeological information about ancient people and cultures at low-cost prices.

  • Q: I am a genealogist. How can I use Ancient DNA Origins for genetic genealogy?

    A: With our tests, you will go far beyond the inventions of photography and paper and discover new connections with ancient people that, thus far, existed only in stories and legends.

  • Q: How accurate are your tests?

    A: Our tests are developed in collaboration with top geneticists like Dr. Eran Elhaik, who has been developing genetic tests for two decades during his tenure at Johns Hopkins University. Dr. Elhaik designed the GenoChip 2.0 kit and test for National Geographic, the GPS Origins kit and test for HomeDNA, and a plethora of tests for Gene Plaza. His Ancient DNA Origins test series is the first to combine paleogenetics and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to achieve an accuracy of 95%.