For Genealogists

A Partnership between Ancient DNA Origins and Members of the Genealogist Community:

A Partnership between Ancient DNA Origins and genealogists will allow genealogists to offer their clients access to Ancient DNA Origins products at a discounted rate. Genealogists will be compensated for their referrals with an option to be named as preferred genealogists on relevant test results. This will provide genealogists with increased visibility and recognition for their work.

To ensure that the partnership is successful and beneficial for both parties, Ancient DNA Origins will implement a unique coupon tracking system to monitor the usage of each coupon code provided to genealogists. Additionally, Ancient DNA Origins will set a minimum number of referrals that each genealogist must achieve before their name is listed on the website. This will ensure that only active and successful genealogists are recognized on the website.

Genealogists who are interested in learning more about the partnership can email us with their credentials (CV). This will allow Ancient DNA Origins to verify the genealogist's qualifications and ensure that they provide genealogical services. Qualified genealogists will be contracted by Enkigen Genetics Limited, which operates Ancient DNA Origins.