Privacy Policy


  1. “Enkigen Genetics,” “we,” “us,” or “our” refers to the company Enkigen Genetics Limited, headquartered at Dublin, Ireland. More information about the company may be found on our website at, or its employees, contractors, or successors where applicable.
  2. “User” or “you” refers to customers who have engaged our services or used our website or materials and any agent by permission of the user.
  3. “Personal information” includes all information that can be used to identify you, the user. The information we collect and store includes the following:
    1. “User information” information you provided to us to open your account and purchase services. This information includes name, address, email address, user ID, password, contact information, and payment information.
    2. “Genetic information” is your genetic material, either derived from the sample you provided from which your DNA was extracted and sequenced by us or your data sequenced by another company and uploaded by you.
    3. “Profile information” refers to information you provide to create your user profile.
    4. “Web traffic information” refers to how you access and use the Enkigen Genetics website and is collected through cookies, log files, and web beacon technology.


User privacy is important to us. We strive to protect our user’s information in compliance with the EU General Data Protection Regulations.

What information does Enkigen Genetics collect?

We collect personal information, as defined by our terms of service, as well as records of any communications between Enkigen Genetics and its users and its users’ purchase history and results of any tests.

How does Enkigen Genetics use the information collected?

Your information is used to provide services to you and to communicate with you concerning our products and services. Your information is used for internal business purposes such as to develop and improve new products and services and improve the customer experience. Your genetic information is used and analyzed to run tests purchased by you to provide you with insight about your DNA’s history.

If you agree, by checking in the relevant box in your online profile, your de-identified genetic information may be used for research purposes, but your name, profile, and user information will not be connected to any research. Choosing not to give consent or withdrawing from ancient DNA Origins Research will not affect your access to your genetic information or your results.

Does Enkigen Genetics share or sell users’ personal information with others?

Enkigen Genetics will never share, sell, or disclose your personal information to third parties unless we are required to do so by law, warrant, or court order. Should Enkigen Genetics be acquired by another company, you will be notified and have the option of removing your personal information prior to the company’s acquisition.

User information may be aggregated and anonymized by Enkigen Genetics and used for marketing purposes.

How is users’ personal information protected?

We use industry-standard security measures to protect against loss, misuse, and authorized access to users’ personal information. Your personal information will be encrypted when it is stored and transmitted. Access to users’ information is limited to authorized and essential Enkigen Genetics personnel only. Any DNA sample sent to us for analysis will be destroyed once the analysis is complete and results have been reported to the sender.

Can I withdraw my consent?

You can withdraw your consent to having your genetic data used for research, by checking in the relevant box in your online profile. If you choose to opt out of our research, any of your data that have already been entered into a study cannot be withdrawn, but your data will not be included in studies that start more than 30 days after you withdraw. Through your profile, you can also delete your personal information and cancel your account, membership, or subscription, subject to any legal requirement we may be under to retain your data, at any time of deletion. Deletion of your personal information will not delete any of your information that has been aggregated or made anonymous for our research or marketing purposes.

Will you ever change your privacy policy?

To provide users with the best services and experience, we may need to change our policies from time to time. We will notify users by email of any changes to our privacy policy.