GPS Era: The Paleolithic Age

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GPS Era: The Paleolithic Age

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What's included in the Mythological Origins Test?

  • The GPS Era Series - Paleolithic test is a revolutionary DNA test!
  • Pinpoint your Paleolithic ancestry—even to the cave of forest—at the highest- resolution possible.
  • The test was designed solely using ancient DNA of paleolithic people who lived from 50,000 - 12,000 BC.
  • Receive a breakdown of your Paleolithic ancestral gene pools
  • Compare your ancestry to the Paleolithic ancestries of all sequenced paleo-cultures
  • View the actual migration routes of your parental ancestors during the paloelithic
  • View the migration routes of real paleolithic people
  • View the migrations of paleolithic animals
  • Explore your newly discovered paleolithic origins in an advanced interactive interface.
  • Basic test includes 5 gene pools and 10 ancient cultures.
  • Advanced test includes 8 gene pools and 22 ancient cultures.

About the test

Have you ever pondered the mysteries of Paleolithic civilizations and how they not only survived but thrived in the Paleolithic era? Did you ever wonder where they lived? Who were their neighbors, and how did they get along? Have you wondered about the innovative tools and techniques they used to hunt and gather in challenging environments? How did they adapt to changing climates and landscapes? What stories lie hidden within the DNA of our Paleolithic ancestors, waiting to be uncovered?

Step into the ancient world with our groundbreaking GPS Era: Paleolithic DNA test!

Delve into the secrets of your ancestors and unlock the captivating narratives of their lives with our Paleolithic DNA test. Designed exclusively using ancient DNA from Paleolithic peoples who roamed the earth from 50,000 to 12,000 BC, this test offers unparalleled insight into your ancestral origins. Receive a detailed breakdown of your Paleolithic gene pools, allowing you to compare your ancestry to those of all sequenced paleo-cultures. Explore the actual migration routes of your parental ancestors during the Paleolithic era, tracing their footsteps across the globe. Dive deeper into history as you view the migration routes of real Paleolithic people and the movements of ancient animals. With our advanced interactive interface, you can immerse yourself in your newly discovered Paleolithic origins like never before. Uncover the secrets of your past and connect with your ancient heritage today!

Why take this test

Coming soon...GPS Era® is a revolutionary DNA test Series that enables you to trace your family history based on DNA-mixture events that began over 50,000 years ago! It provides maternal and paternal migration routes with precision targeting—down to your ancestral cave, neolithic cave, Iron Age town, or Medieval city. Current DNA tests typically compare fragments of your DNA to modern-day people based on admixture signatures formed within countries or continents. Typically you find that some of your ancestors come from Western Europe, Africa, or South Asia, and you are given broad estimates of ethnicity. Such DNA tests cannot provide the migration routes of your ancestors or pinpoint the geographical location of your ancestors with a specific longitude and latitude. Such tests define your ancestry in terms of the modern-day population names.

Based on ancient DNA data and powered by the most advanced AI technology, GPS Era® employs a paleo-localizing technique that leverages specific markers in your DNA to pinpoint the exact location of your ancestral DNA using both parental lines. These markers were carefully selected to identify era-specific gene pools that defined your ancestors at that time. The same analysis is applied to the hundreds or thousands of ancient people who lived during that time. When GPS Era is applied to all these ancient genomes, it tells us where and when those ancient people came from. Then, using this knowledge it tells us where YOUR ancestors came from. It then allows you to visualize your results and the results of all your ancient cousins on a timeline

what do you get?

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Reconnect with your ancient ancestors and become a part of their story.


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dna matches


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Compare your results with other ancient people


how is it done?


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Basic Test
Low resolution test
  • Personalized ancient ancestry report
  • 2-5 Ancient individuals per test
  • Extensive records of the ancient culture
  • 10+ Modern populations
  • Latest scientific knowledge
  • Interactive interface to discover your roots
  • 12 Tests with Emerald subscription
Advanced Test
High resolution test
  • Personalized ancient ancestry report
  • 15-30 Ancient individuals per test
  • 12 Geographic regions
  • Extensive records of the ancient culture
  • 50+ Modern populations
  • In-depth ancestry analyses
  • Latest scientific knowledge
  • Interactive interface to discover your roots
  • 12 Tests with Amber subscription

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